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Members, here’s your chance to be an arm-chair brewer.   Here’s how you are going to have a say in what we are going to create together.  My goal is to go beyond the label on a beverage bottle and get you a bit more involved in the local ingredients, but yet not so far that you need to have a passion for making beer, ciders, meads or botanicals.  Below you will find a number of ingredients and I want to co-create the next brew with BeerClub.   It is pretty simply, just comment on the ingredients you want.

1. Grain (Pick 1 of 2)

Extremely limited batch of Barn Owl Pilsner Malt that has been lightly smoked.  Barn Owl is a small malter that hand crafts.


Ontario select malt that is grown just outside of the Ottawa valley.

2. Botanicals (Pick What You Like)

Sweet Fern

Sweet Fern adds an astringent flavour.

Labrador Tea

During the eighteenth century, German brewers used a version of labrador tea while brewing beer to make it more intoxicating, but became forbidden because it led to increased aggression.

Sweet Gale

Sweet Gale tea is known for helping initiate lucid dreaming and can aid in digestion.


3. Hops



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  • Steve

    Barn owl malt
    Sweet Fern