Lessons From FerndalePalooza

Sometimes in life events transpire to put you in the exact right location at the exact right time.

FerndalePalooza was one of those moments for me.   The small beverage festival kicked off a year long journey I have embarked on to explore the connection between local living and understanding ones true self.

When I reflect on what I learned in #ferndalemichigan, at the first ever craft beverage festival hosted by #bnektar, my mind turns to the awesome diversity of beverages served and the uniqueness of people present.  But yet everyone was an explorer and united because of it.  Life felt enriched, we can all have individual tastes, but do not have to be alienated because of them.   It felt like a true celebration on a micro scale.   Speaking to my belief of strength in diversity.  The event making life better for the participants and the local community.   It was a win that the proceeds went to charity.

And for me personally I felt confident that quitting my corporate job to devout my life for the next year to exploring localism, self determination and community through mead was closer to my true self.   We are all on a journey and the craft beverage movement taps into our desire to be related to each other, but yet able to express our own autonomy and tastes.  Its but one entry point into better understanding of yourself.

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