I am an Explorer

Mead is simplicity.  Three ingredients define it: honey, water and yeast.  But a fine craft mead is hardly simple.  One of earth’s oldest, most versatile drinks is reborn.  Find joy in experiencing new tastes no one else has.  Become an explorer. Aroma, body, flavour.    Brewed from our estate and locally sourced honey, with an [...]

I am a Socialite

Honey is not only nature’s sweetener, it’s one of the world’s most sustainable foods.  It is naturally gluten free and environmentally sustainable. Demand for mead supports your local bee population and helps to pollinate the planet. Many of our meads are carbonated, low in alcohol and lightly refreshing.  They are perfect for your next social [...]

I am a Connoisseur

Mead is as old as civilization itself and honey lasts forever.   Mead only gets better with time creating exquisite flavour profiles in endless combinations. If you want to experience rare tastes that have been shaped by age and time.  If you find joy in holding an unopened bottle that was sealed a long time ago [...]