Why We Create

A very famous industrialist once said that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.   Our meadery is devoted to mistakes.  In a consistent world, where you always know what you are going to get, we want offer our friends less of the familiar and more of the unknown.  We brew, explore and create both alcoholic and non-alcoholic failures.   Focusing on botanicals, with a slant toward local where possible or desirable our purpose is to reconnect with nature while strengthening community.  Each brew has its own hero and story.   Share the journey through drink.

What We Create

The V line up of meads, at their simplest are water, honey and yeast.  We focus on everyday drinking meads, occasionally throwing in some heavy hitters for special occasions.  It is craft mead at its best, low alcohol, carbonated and refreshing.   We are focused intently on the quality and source of our main ingredients.   Our honey is a combination of estate honey and locally sourced honey from right here in Ontario.

How Do I Get Some

Available only to friends of the meadery right now for pickup, but if you would like to try a sample please contact us direct and we’ll be in touch.