I am a Socialite

Honey is not only nature’s sweetener, it’s one of the world’s most sustainable foods.  It is naturally gluten free and environmentally sustainable. Demand for mead supports your local bee population and helps to pollinate the planet.

Many of our meads are carbonated, low in alcohol and lightly refreshing.  They are perfect for your next social event.  

How it Works

If you want to share a unique tasting experience with others and find joy in shared moments with your friends and family you should try mead. 

Each month we will be releasing a few bottles that are perfect for sharing around the table.   The most popular tastes from our explorers club will be bottled up in larger quantities (650ml – 1L) and available to pay as you go socialites.  

Shipped directly to your door, Socialites will get first access to these meads before anyone else.   If you find a mead you like you can always sign up to receive it monthly!

By joining you’ll be able to see what is available today and will receive a monthly report on what’s coming up for pre-order, along with full descriptions of each mead.