I am an Explorer

Mead is simplicity.  Three ingredients define it: honey, water and yeast.  But a fine craft mead is hardly simple.  One of earth’s oldest, most versatile drinks is reborn.  Find joy in experiencing new tastes no one else has.  Become an explorer.

Aroma, body, flavour.   

Brewed from our estate and locally sourced honey, with an endless possibility of additional ingredients, the flavour combinations and profiles are endless.  From dry to sweet, still to carbonated, delicate to robust there is a mead waiting for you.

How it Works 

Each month we brew a very limited run of select meads and deliver them directly to your door anywhere across Canada.

As an explorer, you will join fellow explorers in critiquing these meads.  four to six different flavours and styles of mead will be shipped to your door for you to savour.   

So find a quiet (or noisy) space and taste away.   It’s like visiting a winery or craft brewery each month.   You’ll be provided with a feedback form, reports on what you are drinking and a forum to interact with fellow explorers if you so choose.   

Join on a one month trial risk free.  If you do not like anything you are tasting, we’ll refund your account and at least you’ll have said you tried it!